Friday, November 09, 2007


Music collaboration

This week sees the tentative launch of another great Oomix music collaboration tool entitled "Start a song, pass it on".

Start a song, pass it on simply allows a musician to pass a song they are working on to another musician. Musicians can pass their song on to either a member of the Oomix site or by email to any of their friends. Even better news is that, if they send the song via email to one of their friends and their friend joins Oomix they will both receive an additional five credits absolutely free.

Like all musician involvement in the creation of songs (track use, production etc.) when the song is mastered the producer must assign an ownership percentage to all of the people involved which everyone then must agree on before the song is published. That way the musician passing on a song will never lose out.

We hope that this moves us one step closer to global collaborative music creation where the musicians are the winner.

Additional features added this week

The Mixer now supports time stretch which vastly extends the functionality of the music creation process.

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