Friday, October 26, 2007


Our general purpose press release

Ok, it's not for Musos or Techies and in my eyes is a bit of a cheesy read but here goes it:

OOMIX – A Music Revolution

New Website Allows Musicians To Make Music Anytime, Anywhere, with Anyone in the World – And Sell It!

Imagine a No. 1 hit single created by a group of musicians who had never actually met. Oomix makes the concept a reality.

The ultimate in Mashup culture, Oomix allows anyone to post their instrumental or vocal track on the site and to listen to other people’s tracks. They can then combine tracks to make songs and sell them in the Oomix store, with each musician receiving a pre-agreed percentage.

So it might work like this…

A musician from the UK posts a drum track on the Oomix site. It gets picked up by a guitarist from Finland, who gets a bass part from a girl in Holland. Vocals courtesy of an L.A singer and the end result is an original song. They agree a split in royalties via the site’s messaging facility and put the song up for sale.

Currently live but at pre-launch stage, this completely original site has already been tested by hundreds of musicians and is causing a real stir.

"I'm really enjoying the site so far. It's a great idea and very well executed. I'm currently involved in a casual collaboration with a musician in the States which is something that just wouldn't have been possible (or certainly nowhere near as easy) before Oomix."

- J.P. Oomix member, UK

The potential is almost limitless. And Oomix has plenty of big plans to attract visitors to the site. These include celebrity competitions, contributions from established artists and fantastic giveaways.

Ipods To be Won!

As part of the pre-launch, Oomix is running the `Juicy Apples’ competition in which people vote for their favourite song created via the site. First, second and third winners will receive an iPod, an iPod mini and an iPod Shuffle respectively.

Visit to see more on how Oomix works... then go to to join!!!

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