Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The Oomix process explained

The actual mastering / publication process has been difficult to explain and I always get the feeling that people are (naturally) concerned that if they start uploading their song components (in the form of audio tracks) they're opening themselves up to copyright theft.

In this post I aim to alleviate these fears by explaining exactly how the upload, mix, master and publication process occurs by using Dave, Sarah and Jean as examples (these people are made up)

  1. Dave joins the Oomix site and uploads a drum track
    As he enters the track's details he decides to leave the option 'Do not allow downloads' set (nobody on the site can download his audio files)

  2. Sarah finds Dave's drum track and records a synth loop to go with it.
    She uploads the track and assigns it as a 'Sister track' to Dave's track. These tracks are now linked so that other musicians can find them easier

  3. Jean finds both of these tracks, adds them to the free Oomix.Mixer and begins to mix them.

  4. Jean records a guitar track and adds it to the mix

  5. Liking what he's done Jean masters his song.
    During the master process he must set an ownership percentage for all of the tracks used in the song and an ownership percentage for production. He proposes the following:

    • Production: (Jean) - 25%

    • Guitar track: (Jean) - 25%

    • Synth track: (Sarah) - 25%

    • Drum track: (Dave) - 25%

    At this point the song is not visible to the public

  6. Dave and Sarah receive emails telling them their tracks have been used. They can then listen to the song and agree to its publication (and their assigned ownership percentages) they can also disagree, negotiate or leave the decision for later

  7. Once all of the musicians agree the song is published live to the site and is available to purchase.

  8. Each time the song is purchased Dave, Sarah and Jean all receive their agreed percentages of the revenue

So there we have it, hopefully that's made the process a lot clearer (if not you can always contact me)

One final point is that when uploading a completed song the musician can manually specify tracks and artists who've contributed to the song. For example if Sarah specifies that her track can be downloaded by her friends and one of those friends goes on to make a song they can then select Sarah's track as being used (at which case the process starts at the above point five) This therefore, allows the musicians to use their own composition tools if they so wish.

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