Monday, October 22, 2007


Music promotion

We've recently launched, and have big plans to extend, the Oomix Promote Myself tools to allow musicians to further promote themselves, their music, their songs and music they are currently making on Oomix.

So far the site supports two means of self-promotion that a musician can then post to their Blog, MySpace page or to their own website.

The first is a "Make Music With Me" Plugin, that allows musicians to produce code of a plugin they can put on their own sites to allow their visitors to remix their tracks, thus bypassing the Oomix site (if they have the Oomix.Mixer installed)

The second simply produces the code that displays the musicians' profile picture and a link directly to their Oomix micro-site.

Recent updates to the site also include a comments system directly on songs so that people can provide advice, comments and 'good works!' directly to musicians' songs.

Who I've been listening to since we launched four weeks ago:

Watercube V Studio
Monsieur Jacques
Fisher Price
Augren Ferguson

And (some self promotion)


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