Sunday, October 21, 2007

MediaCamp Contemplations
I was privileged to attend Chris Hambly's Media Camp event this weekend and very inspiring it was too.

An appallingly bad trait that I need to shake off is my lack of dedication to discovering how new technology can really help me (and my clients) A testament to this is my general lack of entries to this blog.

I guess this really stems from two reasons:

a) I work in a small company where the focus and dedication is on what the clients pay for, rather than what we'd like to invest time in.

b) The other forty hours of my working week are dedicated to further developing Oomix (we've got a Todo list longer than the M4!)

So the weekend was a real breath of fresh air to see how people were using the various tools and to hear about the different things that some of the attendees were involved in.

One event that really stood out was Eaon Pritchard's discussion on interactive advertising and "TV 2.0" which I know very little about but found extremely interesting.

I have certainly come away with a few ideas and one thing is apparent to me, I need to follow these people that inspire me and make a conscious effort to really dedicate time to continue blogging etc. Perhaps I could justify it to myself better if I call it RnD!?

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thanks for the plug!
It was a good day all round I reckon, i think everyone picked up a few nuggets from outside of their own bubble. The Second Life stuff particularly got me tickled.
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