Monday, July 16, 2007

Invitation to musicians
Oomix will be pre-launching very soon, the scaffolding's coming down and the engineers are packing their bags.

We're currently looking for a skilled and diverse group of musicians who will have unique access to the Oomix site on the run-up to our big launch. Only a select handful of 2,500 musicians are being invited to join and to become involved in shaping the future of music. If you want to be part of this then sign up at the Oomix holding page or contact me directly.

Become part of a new music revolution

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Opportunity for record labels
Almost two thirds of young internet users could be considered ‘Content Creators’. They have created a blog or webpage, posted original artwork, photography, stories or videos online or remixed online content into their own new creations.

Oomix is a pioneering new internet venture that meets these needs and represents the cutting edge of social media for marketing purposes. Part networking site, part online studio and part distribution outlet, Oomix gives fans and musicians the opportunity to get actively involved in the music and a reason for them to keep engaging with your label and individual artists.

Data shows that artists’ CD sales increase as more people sample their music over the internet, so offering fans and musicians the chance to remix some of your music will create added interest and publicity and bring in more money. If a fan downloads snippets from one of your artists to play with and remix, they will get deeper and deeper into the music and are more prone to go out and purchase the CD.

Oomix has a lot to offer the consumer, but what about a record label?

You can create and manage your own branded micro-site.
Oomix is a great new way for you to promote your artists and sell your music to a wider audience of fans and musicians. Brand management can play a key role in the strategies of independent record labels to focus attention on what makes you different from the competition.

You can categorise and manage your friends list as a tool for direct, personal, high impact marketing.
The network effect of our site (friends telling friends), allows new trends and music to spread very quickly. Build up your business contacts and make a list of loyal fans and musicians.

You can create new revenue through sales of songs as well as individual samples/tracks.
The record industry is sitting on a gigantic repository of archival material that if put in the hands of remixers could be used for substantial financial advantage.
“It’s almost a no-brainer that if they’re sitting on material, they’re not making any money. What they should do is activate their archives and encourage this kind of thinking.”
Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky)

You can reach your target audience.
The main users of Oomix will be hip 15-30 year-old influencers who love music. Traditional advertising methods are less effective for this group, so Oomix offers new opportunities for viral marketing through the remix process.

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