Sunday, November 05, 2006

Engaging musicians through social networking.

This week I've been pondering over how to engage our target audience using social networking.

Social networking sites are (obviously) a mecca for musicians and bands alike. We've got a great site that I'm sure the majority of musicians will love, amateur and professional alike, but how do we communicate that on launch?

I'm very much against spamming and putting up cold, static (even in terms of Flash advertising) marketing banners and movies. Viral marketing campaigns are expensive, hard to master and, I think, a bit of a wild-card.

After doing some research online I've found a few companies whose sole business model is Marketing to MySpace, one such example is SpaceHogs, ( but I'll have to admit it definitely looks like a 'Send $100 to become an instant Internet Millionaire!' Not for us.

In a forum post I made on networking site SoFlow ( A very experienced musician and live entertainment manager recommended we:

'market to them like you would to gamblers or alcoholics. Use techniques
that target addictive personalities'

Which I find very interesting and slightly intriguing.

The decision so far: engage our audience as human beings, face to face (via screen) with a two way dialogue, no hype, no jargon, no marketing BS.

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