Tuesday, October 31, 2006



Oomix is a combination of:

25% social networking,
25% online music studio,
25% online record label,
25% distribution channel

In short a website where musicians can get together, engage in dialogue and manage their micro-site but also make music together and publish the resultant composition to the store.

Building on mashup culture and Web 2.0 I believe that the result is a new model for the music industry and will be a definitive site for both professional and amateur musicians alike to 'mingle' and create new music.

My personal background is seven years experience of running two web design companies (sequentially, not in parallel) building websites for an array of different companies. I also have a small portfolio of sites, including community sites.

This blog is my personal record of the events leading up to launch and as the site continues to develop.

If you wish to, feel free to email me at: brett AT oomix REMOVETHISBIT dot com

Or leave me a comment here.

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