Friday, November 09, 2007


Music collaboration

This week sees the tentative launch of another great Oomix music collaboration tool entitled "Start a song, pass it on".

Start a song, pass it on simply allows a musician to pass a song they are working on to another musician. Musicians can pass their song on to either a member of the Oomix site or by email to any of their friends. Even better news is that, if they send the song via email to one of their friends and their friend joins Oomix they will both receive an additional five credits absolutely free.

Like all musician involvement in the creation of songs (track use, production etc.) when the song is mastered the producer must assign an ownership percentage to all of the people involved which everyone then must agree on before the song is published. That way the musician passing on a song will never lose out.

We hope that this moves us one step closer to global collaborative music creation where the musicians are the winner.

Additional features added this week

The Mixer now supports time stretch which vastly extends the functionality of the music creation process.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The Oomix process explained

The actual mastering / publication process has been difficult to explain and I always get the feeling that people are (naturally) concerned that if they start uploading their song components (in the form of audio tracks) they're opening themselves up to copyright theft.

In this post I aim to alleviate these fears by explaining exactly how the upload, mix, master and publication process occurs by using Dave, Sarah and Jean as examples (these people are made up)

  1. Dave joins the Oomix site and uploads a drum track
    As he enters the track's details he decides to leave the option 'Do not allow downloads' set (nobody on the site can download his audio files)

  2. Sarah finds Dave's drum track and records a synth loop to go with it.
    She uploads the track and assigns it as a 'Sister track' to Dave's track. These tracks are now linked so that other musicians can find them easier

  3. Jean finds both of these tracks, adds them to the free Oomix.Mixer and begins to mix them.

  4. Jean records a guitar track and adds it to the mix

  5. Liking what he's done Jean masters his song.
    During the master process he must set an ownership percentage for all of the tracks used in the song and an ownership percentage for production. He proposes the following:

    • Production: (Jean) - 25%

    • Guitar track: (Jean) - 25%

    • Synth track: (Sarah) - 25%

    • Drum track: (Dave) - 25%

    At this point the song is not visible to the public

  6. Dave and Sarah receive emails telling them their tracks have been used. They can then listen to the song and agree to its publication (and their assigned ownership percentages) they can also disagree, negotiate or leave the decision for later

  7. Once all of the musicians agree the song is published live to the site and is available to purchase.

  8. Each time the song is purchased Dave, Sarah and Jean all receive their agreed percentages of the revenue

So there we have it, hopefully that's made the process a lot clearer (if not you can always contact me)

One final point is that when uploading a completed song the musician can manually specify tracks and artists who've contributed to the song. For example if Sarah specifies that her track can be downloaded by her friends and one of those friends goes on to make a song they can then select Sarah's track as being used (at which case the process starts at the above point five) This therefore, allows the musicians to use their own composition tools if they so wish.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Oomix : Be part of a new music revolution
Synth strokes
Long lead synth
Long lead synth 2
Bass guitar ish
Bass guitar solo
Synth plucks
Rave pips

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Friday, October 26, 2007


Our general purpose press release

Ok, it's not for Musos or Techies and in my eyes is a bit of a cheesy read but here goes it:

OOMIX – A Music Revolution

New Website Allows Musicians To Make Music Anytime, Anywhere, with Anyone in the World – And Sell It!

Imagine a No. 1 hit single created by a group of musicians who had never actually met. Oomix makes the concept a reality.

The ultimate in Mashup culture, Oomix allows anyone to post their instrumental or vocal track on the site and to listen to other people’s tracks. They can then combine tracks to make songs and sell them in the Oomix store, with each musician receiving a pre-agreed percentage.

So it might work like this…

A musician from the UK posts a drum track on the Oomix site. It gets picked up by a guitarist from Finland, who gets a bass part from a girl in Holland. Vocals courtesy of an L.A singer and the end result is an original song. They agree a split in royalties via the site’s messaging facility and put the song up for sale.

Currently live but at pre-launch stage, this completely original site has already been tested by hundreds of musicians and is causing a real stir.

"I'm really enjoying the site so far. It's a great idea and very well executed. I'm currently involved in a casual collaboration with a musician in the States which is something that just wouldn't have been possible (or certainly nowhere near as easy) before Oomix."

- J.P. Oomix member, UK

The potential is almost limitless. And Oomix has plenty of big plans to attract visitors to the site. These include celebrity competitions, contributions from established artists and fantastic giveaways.

Ipods To be Won!

As part of the pre-launch, Oomix is running the `Juicy Apples’ competition in which people vote for their favourite song created via the site. First, second and third winners will receive an iPod, an iPod mini and an iPod Shuffle respectively.

Visit to see more on how Oomix works... then go to to join!!!

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Monday, October 22, 2007


Music promotion

We've recently launched, and have big plans to extend, the Oomix Promote Myself tools to allow musicians to further promote themselves, their music, their songs and music they are currently making on Oomix.

So far the site supports two means of self-promotion that a musician can then post to their Blog, MySpace page or to their own website.

The first is a "Make Music With Me" Plugin, that allows musicians to produce code of a plugin they can put on their own sites to allow their visitors to remix their tracks, thus bypassing the Oomix site (if they have the Oomix.Mixer installed)

The second simply produces the code that displays the musicians' profile picture and a link directly to their Oomix micro-site.

Recent updates to the site also include a comments system directly on songs so that people can provide advice, comments and 'good works!' directly to musicians' songs.

Who I've been listening to since we launched four weeks ago:

Watercube V Studio
Monsieur Jacques
Fisher Price
Augren Ferguson

And (some self promotion)


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Sunday, October 21, 2007

MediaCamp Contemplations
I was privileged to attend Chris Hambly's Media Camp event this weekend and very inspiring it was too.

An appallingly bad trait that I need to shake off is my lack of dedication to discovering how new technology can really help me (and my clients) A testament to this is my general lack of entries to this blog.

I guess this really stems from two reasons:

a) I work in a small company where the focus and dedication is on what the clients pay for, rather than what we'd like to invest time in.

b) The other forty hours of my working week are dedicated to further developing Oomix (we've got a Todo list longer than the M4!)

So the weekend was a real breath of fresh air to see how people were using the various tools and to hear about the different things that some of the attendees were involved in.

One event that really stood out was Eaon Pritchard's discussion on interactive advertising and "TV 2.0" which I know very little about but found extremely interesting.

I have certainly come away with a few ideas and one thing is apparent to me, I need to follow these people that inspire me and make a conscious effort to really dedicate time to continue blogging etc. Perhaps I could justify it to myself better if I call it RnD!?

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Invitation to musicians
Oomix will be pre-launching very soon, the scaffolding's coming down and the engineers are packing their bags.

We're currently looking for a skilled and diverse group of musicians who will have unique access to the Oomix site on the run-up to our big launch. Only a select handful of 2,500 musicians are being invited to join and to become involved in shaping the future of music. If you want to be part of this then sign up at the Oomix holding page or contact me directly.

Become part of a new music revolution

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Opportunity for record labels
Almost two thirds of young internet users could be considered ‘Content Creators’. They have created a blog or webpage, posted original artwork, photography, stories or videos online or remixed online content into their own new creations.

Oomix is a pioneering new internet venture that meets these needs and represents the cutting edge of social media for marketing purposes. Part networking site, part online studio and part distribution outlet, Oomix gives fans and musicians the opportunity to get actively involved in the music and a reason for them to keep engaging with your label and individual artists.

Data shows that artists’ CD sales increase as more people sample their music over the internet, so offering fans and musicians the chance to remix some of your music will create added interest and publicity and bring in more money. If a fan downloads snippets from one of your artists to play with and remix, they will get deeper and deeper into the music and are more prone to go out and purchase the CD.

Oomix has a lot to offer the consumer, but what about a record label?

You can create and manage your own branded micro-site.
Oomix is a great new way for you to promote your artists and sell your music to a wider audience of fans and musicians. Brand management can play a key role in the strategies of independent record labels to focus attention on what makes you different from the competition.

You can categorise and manage your friends list as a tool for direct, personal, high impact marketing.
The network effect of our site (friends telling friends), allows new trends and music to spread very quickly. Build up your business contacts and make a list of loyal fans and musicians.

You can create new revenue through sales of songs as well as individual samples/tracks.
The record industry is sitting on a gigantic repository of archival material that if put in the hands of remixers could be used for substantial financial advantage.
“It’s almost a no-brainer that if they’re sitting on material, they’re not making any money. What they should do is activate their archives and encourage this kind of thinking.”
Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky)

You can reach your target audience.
The main users of Oomix will be hip 15-30 year-old influencers who love music. Traditional advertising methods are less effective for this group, so Oomix offers new opportunities for viral marketing through the remix process.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ok, it's been a long time in development. Like any large software development project it's taken a lot longer to develop than we planned! However everything's really come together nicely, we've got a fantastic site that musicians are going to love and we've got some seriously big plans for it. I'm personally very excited by it.

We've also just launched a teaser video that loosely explains how the core of the site works so enough waffle you might as well watch it for yourself:

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Monday, March 05, 2007

We've had a substantial overhaul of the online studio software which has vastly opened doors for us we would never have believed.

The Oomix Master is waking up and you're going to love it...

Friday, December 01, 2006

The collaborative mixing process

Over the last two weeks we've been getting a little ahead of ourselves. We're still getting feedback from the initial set of beta-testers and getting lots of people sign up for the Backstage pass But we've also been experimenting with the collaborative mixing process to allow musicians to simultaneously collaborate in the mixing process and to videoconference whilst doing so. Exciting stuff.

In the meantime, Neil built this

Curious and unexpected.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Musician promotion tools

For the last couple of weeks we've been implementing many ways for musicians to promote themselves and their music (music that's created on the site or otherwise) We've also been designing tools to allow musicians to engage with each other, better than the standard old Personal Message system.

After speaking with a record label who were keen to use our site to promote their own music and create new music we've decided to add another category for people to join under: A&R Executive. A talent scout category.

As the weeks are going on we're slowly engaging with more and more Alpha testers. I'm pleased to say that everything's looking good so far and we really haven't had to make any changes at all.

The site's been six months in the planning and the team has a strong background underpins Oomix so I'm confident that we've pretty much 'hit the nail on the head'

The remainder of this week and probably for the next couple of weeks is putting the icing on the cake. Dotting the t's etc and getting the feedback from the testers and making the occasional song!

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Musician invite: the holding page

For those who've been to the Oomix holding page (or faceplate as I call it) and have been turned off by the all too familiar "enter your email address here" I wanted to explain what we're doing and why we're doing it.

We want to give a limited number of 'backstage passes' to musicians, both amateur and professional alike. This will give you access to the site for a length of time before it goes live to everybody and anybody. We're doing this so that we can get some feedback from a small select group of individuals, people who the site was designed for.

If you enter your email address you will be emailed a short explanation about the site, how it works and a small amount of info about the pre-launch.

As we pre-launch we'll send you an invite to allow you to join and be part of the site.

To be invited to pre-launch enter your details here:

If you enter your email address then change your mind simply email me and I will remove your details from the database, it's no biggie!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Engaging musicians through social networking.

This week I've been pondering over how to engage our target audience using social networking.

Social networking sites are (obviously) a mecca for musicians and bands alike. We've got a great site that I'm sure the majority of musicians will love, amateur and professional alike, but how do we communicate that on launch?

I'm very much against spamming and putting up cold, static (even in terms of Flash advertising) marketing banners and movies. Viral marketing campaigns are expensive, hard to master and, I think, a bit of a wild-card.

After doing some research online I've found a few companies whose sole business model is Marketing to MySpace, one such example is SpaceHogs, ( but I'll have to admit it definitely looks like a 'Send $100 to become an instant Internet Millionaire!' Not for us.

In a forum post I made on networking site SoFlow ( A very experienced musician and live entertainment manager recommended we:

'market to them like you would to gamblers or alcoholics. Use techniques
that target addictive personalities'

Which I find very interesting and slightly intriguing.

The decision so far: engage our audience as human beings, face to face (via screen) with a two way dialogue, no hype, no jargon, no marketing BS.

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